Hopeless Romantic

I love the outdoors, Zelda, Charmed, and basically everything random.
I make goofy sounds sometimes but that's why people love me.

I love with my whole heart; please don't break it.

When someone I don’t like makes a post using my favorite song




It’s World Suicide Prevention Day and Trevor staff agrees: It’s brave to #AskForHelp today and every day.

Download your own sign for a selfie here. Then upload it using #AskForHelp!

Check out OktoAsk.org for more.

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Some days all I want to do is lay in bed and cry. 



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When I offer to share my food with someone just to be nice and then they actually take me up on it



When a guy says he’s been kicked in the balls so he knows what period cramps feel like



How can you say that you can’t date me? 

Do you love me?

Do I make you happy?

Do you want to spend your time with another girl?

Do you want me to spend my time with another guy?

…how hard is it. Stop thinking and just do what makes you happy.

Can’t you see that I love you. Can’t you see that there is a reason we are in each other’s lives. I cannot live without you in my life. You are my best friend and the guy that stops my heart just thinking about you. You are the one who has stuck in my brain for three years.